Re: free-form Voice Input

Giles is correct, in that free-form audio input would be used well.

As of HTML 4, <input type="file" accept="audio/*"> was supposed to work.

So far none of the major borwsers have implemented this.  Mozilla seems 
to be the closest, but who knows what Microsoft and Opera have up their

The advocacy is at:

The hints are around:

  Please vote now with this link:


> Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:04:46 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Giles Cope <>
> Can we have free-form (or nearly via the builtin: command)?
> I've been hunting around the web trying to use VoiceXML to
> transcribe a vocal message to an email, as an example application.
> The only way I can think of getting round it by
> using the record command and using javax.speech.recognition
> to access the dictation facilities of the VoiceBrowser.
> Is there a way to do it without this hack in VoiceXML 1.0,
> and if not, will it be available in 1.1?
> Giles Cope
> Producer

Received on Monday, 2 October 2000 08:22:53 UTC