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From: Theresa Jobateh <tjobateh@canadaegg.ca>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 09:47:52 -0400
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If I understand correctly, one would think that by using CSS (and eventually
XLS?) one could best 
a)	separate presentation from content; and 
b)	specify within the Stylesheet or HTML Web page which style to use
for particular devices .  

I learned this during the introduction to CSS course with the HTML Writers
Guild (www.hwg.org <http://www.hwg.org>  - on-line training) although we did
not go into great lengths on specific devices. Still learnin' :-) Maybe they
have an advanced course.  Check it out. 

From my limited understanding of XML/XLS, it would not only be a way to
separate presentation from content but also a way to customize tags and
prepare for data exchange with others.

I hope this helps...


Theresa Jobateh
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		Hi Friends,

		    I donot know is it the best place ask this question,
sorry for any
		inconvenienec with this  message.

		    Using XML the basic advantage we are getting is
separation of
		content from the presentation(hope I am right)? The problem
with present
		html is , it mixes the content and presentation, so we are
going for
		XML.  This reduces the risk of again writting our content in
		mark up like wml or vxml or another ML.
		    My doubt is how we can in that generic manner can
separate content
		from the presentation? Is it possible to use the same
content for smalll
		screen mobile devices, desktop browsers and voice browsers?
What are
		the challenges in doing this?
		    I am intersted in knowing some or more details regarding
all these
		issues. Any info or discussion regarding this greately

		    Thanks in Advance.

		            Sridhar Babu
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