Dear volunteers,

As I told you a few weeks-months ago, CERN is stopping development of
World-Wide Web. MIT and INRIA are taking it over, and the WWW Virtual
Library project has been moved to the MIT machines, although I'm still
the lucky coordinator ;-)

Some people at CERN want to clarify the situation, and have decided to stop
the existence of info.cern.ch, with a transition period so far undefined.

Please note that info.cern.ch should no longer be considered valid. If 
some of you still pointed to info.cern.ch (icon...), please change the link
to www.w3.org .

Sorry for the short notice!


            Arthur Secret       phone: (41-22) 767 37 55
The CERN WWW Team    e-mail: secret@w3.org    fax: (41-22) 767 87 30