University ME Departments

 The WWW VL ME list now contains, by request, several pointers to
university ME departments. I am hoping to make time shortly to
reorganize this list, or perhaps get a graduate student to take it
over who has more time to devote to it. But the immediate
issue is that there should be a central index of academic
institutions in the WWW VL pages, or at least in engineering.

As a start, I can separate out the ME departments into one page.
You could point to this from your page on academic institutions.
Or you could maintain a ME department page as part of your
academic institution pages.  In any case, this would be list
of pointers to department pages all of which offer much the
same information: programs, faculty, ect.

Also, there are references in my pages to aerospace, shock and
vibration, materials, and fluids. Obviously these relate to other
pages as well. So should there also be pages of academic institutions
other than ME? For example, a few departments are both mechanical
and aerospace. Or, the U of Edinburgh's ME department specializes
in studying fluids, among other things.

The easiest way to organize things is for everyone just to make
their own lists. But it would be nice if there were a top-down
organization by subject for University engineering departments.

Steve, what do you advise?


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