funding (fwd)

> a list on his private account thats also fine I think but than
> he should try to get some of the money back he invests by some
> other  means than to drag others to say yes to something they

	I was going to ignore this - "drag others" isn't what this debate
	is about - but I think it might be useful to know, how *do* you
	all manage your VLs? Do you use academic or government facilities,
	do you do it on your own time, or your employers, or are you self
	employed, or what? I imagine some of us can easily fit it into
	our normal employment without conflict, and for them perhaps this
	debate is "academic". And others of us spend our own money and
	take the time from family and other things we could be doing
	instead. I fall into the latter category. How about you?

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