Re: VL funding

[Regarding funding, copyright etc.]

We really would benefit from becoming a more centralised form of our 
current selves... Although we probably didn't realise it at the outset 
early on last year, the Virtual Library, with us as its creators, could 
become something worthwhile as the general public become more involved.

 As Tim said, we are a (I believe perhaps the most) valued and integrated
resource on the WWW. We have to consider the possibilities that the future
may hold -- regardless of our current sponsors. Just consider the term
"Virtual Library" for starters -- when the commercial world gets to grips
with the Internet, how many would kill (and are now killing) to own this
kind of thing? 

 As another example, I own the rights to the term "Who's Who on the 
Internet". This is something else that commercial people would pay a lot 
for once ``Internet'' becomes a household word.

 What I'm getting at is the fact that we are a valuable and exciting 
resource: with the future ahead of us. Perhaps at some point we would all 
be stored on some central machine at MIT, with mirrors in all major 
areas, providing the world with the only true virtual library.

 Off the record: forget our current sponsors, whether they be 
universities or other institutions. They are merely transitional: we are 
the Virtual Library (thanks to Arthur!). We need to address and implement 
the following points:

	1) Standardize a copyright along the lines of "Copyright (C) 1995 
The Virtual Library, a part of the WWW3 Consortium". We should accept 
that copyright in the "presentation of the pages" will be passed to MIT, 
with us all as signatories to the contract, and entitled to some share in 
the return on any commercial dealings concerning the Library (this would 
mean that we would no longer be anonymous to each other!);

	2) Be stored centrally on a new server (to which we would all have
login/mail access). This server would be mirrored across the planet;

	3) Standardize a ``look and feel'' (once we are all on the same

	4) Generate total, not localised, sponsorship;

 This is an area which begs urgent discussion from all of us. I'm sure 
that I'm not alone when I mention the fact that I am constantly 
approached by publishers asking for permission to print a screenshot in 
their latest book, etc. As you will have gathered from my previous mail, 
I want us to become a strong functional unit -- despite the fact that we 
are spread across the globe!

 Finally: please contribute to this debate - it is *very* important and 
will affect our future! Perhaps Arthur should set up a moderated news 
group to which we can contribute our ideas. This would have the added 
benefit of allowing everyone else to see our open discussions.


Kirk Bowe
``Home Pages''

  Kirk Bowe | BSc Computer Science 2nd Yr | City University London England
  Creator of "Who's Who on the Internet" and "CityLive! Web Magazine"
  EMAIL: kirk@kba-net.demon.co.uk or kirk@cs.city.ac.uk
  "Velim existemes neminem cuiquam cariorem umquam fuisse cuam te mihi"

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