something like the vlib has be free for the user I think.
Also I just can't imagine, what somebody want to do
commercially with these huge lists of dangling links.
If you copy the directories of the vlib elsewhere, they
become worthless. What will somebody, who bought it on,
lets say a CD-ROM do with it at home?
But the other way it should do no harm to seek a public
sponsor like the EU for the project as a whole. To provide
better connections to some lists or whatever.
Up to now the individual lists are sponsored by the institutions
and/or companies we are working for. This should be a good 
advertisement for them. If someone is maintaining
a list on his private account thats also fine I think but than
he should try to get some of the money back he invests by some
other  means than to drag others to say yes to something they
don't want to.

Armin Mueller