Re: Virtual Library: museums and funding

Jonathan.Bowen@comlab.ox.ac.uk wrote:
> The WWW Virtual Library museums page here now receives over a
> thousand virtual visits each day (doubling every three months). An
	The last time I was able to look, the WWW Developer VL was 
	recieving about that much traffic. Unfortunately I depend on
	an ISP for the web server, and there are complications about
	my setup that make it almost impossible to get the stats. The
	ISP is far too busy to respond to my questions. Ironically their
	success is partially linked to the popularity of the WWW DVL.

> I am seeking funding for this set of pages, since I currently maintain
> them on a voluntary basis. Is any central WWW Virtual Library funding
> planned? I think it would be worth trying to obtain US / EU / other
> international funding for the Virtual Library and distributing this to
> WWW VL sites in some way.  Would this be possible? Comments and
> discussion welcome!
	Yes, I'd really really welcome this too. The VL takes up a
	significant amount of time, and I have other pressing demands
	on it. We are clearly providing a valued service. Would the W3C
	be able to help?

	An off-topic question, but I have no-one else to ask (busy ISP):
	I'm getting an increasing amount of email with no headers. I can 
	tell from the content that it's probably from the www mailing lists
	I subscribe to. Would the header loss most likely be happening here
	at the ISP, or at the mailing list computer? Anyone else seeing it?

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