Re: 3rd WWW Conference

> Hello fellow V-Librarians,
> anybody else besides me heading for the 3rd WWW-Conference in Darmstadt, 
> Germany? 
> I think it would be fun to have a little Vlib-meeting or -party over there. So 
> if anybody else is going to be in or near Darmstadt between April 10th and 
> April 14th, send me email or call me at ++1-(503)-725-7056...

Tim et al.,

	i set up a list for discussion of the conference.  to subscribe:

	address a letter to:


	either leave the SUBJECT blank, or put something like: 


	in the TEXT of the letter put:

subscribe www-conference Chris Doe

(if your name is Chris Doe)

	i thought it would be convenient for those who are going to discuss 
what they hope to get out of it, share experiences they had at either of the 
two previous ones, and to reflect on the Darmstadt conference afterwards.  
the list also might allow those not going to participate to some degree and 
find out more about it.  Tim, your idea of a get together sounds great!  
count me in - virtual meetings are great, but there is nothing like pressing
flesh wet-ware to wet-ware :) 

	www-conference list structure at the moment: 

* it is not moderated 
* anyone can automatically subscribe 
* you have to subscribe to post 
* replies go to all subscribers
* recipients and statistics requests are ENABLED
so if you don't want your presence on the list public, you must also send 
the command: set www-conference conceal yes

if there are any suggestions or objections to this structure, please let
me know.

hope to hear from you on the list!
Tom Rowe
WWWVL Environment Page
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