Netscape delinks from W3 Virtual Library


Anyone else unhappy that Netscape has removed the VL from its Directory page?
Now they only list Yahoo.  This is not good considering the high % of Net users
who use Netscape.  (Anyone got the latest stats?)

IMHO Netscape is misunderstanding the evolving nature of Internet Directories.
It's clear that Yahoo has a huge comparative advantage at being the
self-registering de facto yellow pages of the Internet.   But that's not all
there is to directories (as I'm sure the Yahoo maintainers would be the first to
acknowledge); there's also a place for value-added resource selection and
presentation.   I think the VL maintainers have a comparative advantage in
thoughtful selection and presentation of information aimed at serving a coherent
user community, and that Netscape users deserve to get the benefit of our

I hope Netscape will reconsider and relink the Internet Directory to the W3 VL
as well as to other great subject-oriented resources like Lou Rosenfeld's
Clearinghouse  for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides


URL http://sunsite.unc.edu/ibic/IBIC-homepage.html