Re: WWWVL: gathering stats (usage)

>>Rodney Hoinkes says
>I don't think I'm alone in this so I'm for some more careful definition
>of the filename used - maybe stat.NORMALNAME, where NORMALNAME is the
>name of the main 'home' page, in my case:
>Architecture is in: /VIRTUALLIB/arch.html
>so the stat file would be: /VIRTUALLIB/stat.arch.html
>Lan. Arch is in: /VIRTUALLIB/larch.html
>so the stat file would be: /VIRTUALLIB/stat.larch.html

OK. And for me, with a URL that ends in /, then just "stat" would be my name.

>Other areas as we discussed before are too subjective in interpretation,
>ie. # of links in main page, etc. (of doubtful use and open to vast

I didn't mean Home Page links, but LIBRARY links. Any indication of the 
library's size would be good.

>>Arthur Secret
>For info.cern.ch, we really need to process day per day...

Yes, PROCESS once per day. But when the numbers we report get to be large
("24,000 access per day"), maybe we should instead say "1000 per hour".