Usage Stats - VLibraries at Austral Natl. Univ.

Fred Zimmerman wrote:

>I make a habit of following usage stats very closely and
>I would be interested to know what kind of numbers you VL
>maintainers get on your VL pages.
>I'[ll start the ball rolling:
>WWW VL Literature gets about 550 hits/day on the main entry page

Since the inception of our WWW server in Jan 94 the Web traffic on our site
grows on average 54% a month. The tootal volume of traffic in the last week of
Nov 94 was 18181 accesses/week.

[One access = a retrieval of one page (not retrieval of individual graphics items)]

In the last week of Nov 94  the usage statistics for our VL main entry pages 
on coombs.anu.edu.au machine has been as follows:

WWWVL Asian Studies  4433/week
WWWVL Social Sciences 2398/week
WWWVL Demography & Population Studies 2097/week
WWWVL Aboriginal Studies  1026/week 
WWWVL Buddhist Studies  833/week 
WWWVL History of Science, Technology & Medicine  649/week

I support the idea of a central WWW VL usage statistics page derived from the information sitting on local statistics pages. How do we go about building one ?

- with many regards -

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