Re: WWW Virtual Library for Power Engineering

Hi Ramesh, 

Your domain, Power Engineering, has been created in the 
WWWVL/Engineering page, and I have put an entry for you on 
the WWWVL/Engineering Administrators' page.  Please check 
these out to make sure they work (they do from my machine, 
but I always like to have an external user check!).  

We don't have much in the way of formatting standards, but 
one we have agreed on is using the CERN WWWVL logo at the 
top of our WWWVL pages as a link to the top-level CERN 
WWWVL page.  Please add that to your page as soon as you 
have a chance (you can copy it from the WWWVL/Engineering 
page HTML source).  You will notice that there is some 
variation among the engineering domain pages as to how the 
top level headings are set up, so that is up to you.  You 
can see my own preferences from my pages!  

You should also subscribe to the "www-vlib" list, which is 
for all WWWVL administrators.  Do this by sending a message 
to listproc@info.cern.ch with the message 

subscribe www-vlib <your name>

(... be sure not to send the message to the list, of course!).  

For instructions on other list-administrative operations, 
send a message with the body "help" to listproc@info.cern.ch.  

Welcome aboard!  


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