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You wrote:  

> Steve, I was www browsing and discovered the Engineering section of the www 
> After probing a bit then discovered the Manufacters/Vendors of Engineering Tools and 
> Products.  I am including a description of services currently offered (FYI).
> I would be prepared to construct all necessary documents in what ever necessary
> format to expidite this request.  :-)
> - Question(s)
> 	: Can we be added to this list?


> 	: If so, what do we do next?
> 	: We have a 14.4 passive connetion to our provider until our Domain is OK'd
> 	  once approved we will move from passive to remote node @14.4k via 	  
> 	  cadvision.com (also a www)is this satisfactory?  If not then what?

If you don't have your WWW server set up yet, you can send me the document(s) 
containing the information that was in your message in HTML, and I will put 
them on my server until yours is ready.  I will put an entry for you in the 
WWWVL Engineering and the WWWVL Electrical Engineering, and link to the 
documents on my server that you send to me in HTML.  

Then, when you have your own WWW server set up, I will change the links to 
point to your machine instead of mine and remove your docs from my disk.  

I would suggest you create your initial docs without any images, since you 
will only have a 14.4K connection.  You probably want at least 56K for a 
commercial node with images.  You may eventually have to go to a T1 or 
better, depending on the level of interest.  Anyway, that's all up to 
you -- I just provide the link.  

Mind you, this is a "volunteer" service at present.  I am sure the big 
commercial guys will get their acts together soon and there will be 
more places to advertise!  Even then, I expect (hope!) the WWWVL will 
continue to exist as a free resource, but it will probably be at a higher 
level, pointing to an intermediate level of "value-added information 
providers" and other such beasts.  On the other hand, you may not even 
need to advertise if some of the value-added providers start indexing 
things on WWW -- perhaps _they_ will come to _you_!  


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