Quality & Standards of the Internet Inf. Resources

Dear Colleagues,

I keenly follow all the exchanges about the ways of measuring the 'quality' of an information resource and I am very grateful for the lively flow of  the ideas. 

As a preliminary step I have put together some URLs with materials bearing on 
designing and maintaining the high quality networked information services.

Here is a page I cobbled together over the last few hours:

<A HREF="http://coombs.anu.edu.au/SpecialProj/QLTY/QltyHome.html">Quality & Standards of the Internet Inf. Resources - Home Page </A>(ANU,Australia)

May I, please, have your feed-back and suggestions of other relevant URLs ?

- with many thanks and best regards -

Matthew Ciolek, 

Aboriginal Studies WWW VL, Asian Studies WWW VL,
Buddhist Studies WWW VL, Social Sciences WWW VL.

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