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At  9:05 PM 10/2/94 +0100, Brad Schrick wrote:
>Schrick (>>, --) and Richmond (>) wrote...
>-- By the time I had written my reply, I didn't think you were proposing to
>wait, but it's good to hear it straight from you...
>>        Why poll? There's a page that has links to all the Vlib sections,
>>        namely Overview.html; a walker can start there and recursively measure
>>        till it recognises pages that are not Vlib - e.g. no Vlib icon (?).
>-- I just don't personally have the technology to do this today, though I
>hope to be able to do the equivalent sometime soon...  EINet Galazy
>includes some statistics on the pages it finds, but most other indexes
>don't seem to...  is someone doing this already for the V Lib?  Look
>forward to more -- Brad Schrick

  You can find some stats (distribution of in- and out-bound edges) on a
reasonably representative subset of the Web (36,000 documents) in section
3.2 of my paper for the Chicago WWW conference:


I don't have distinct data on Virtual Library documents, however.  My gut
feel from looking at various VL documents is that they aren't all that
atypical w.r.t. number of outbound links, but are at the high end of the

- Dave

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