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Schrick (>>, --) and Richmond (>) wrote...

>> The points about measurement are important, but if we have to agree first
>> we'll never do anything.  There are logistical problems in measuring
>        Point taken; if I'm charitable to my self about that pregnant statement
>        about agreeing about what quality is - well, I wanted to be provocative

-- Sounds good, and being somewhat provocative is a good thing too, I
believe, while being as civil as possible.  We're doing all right, I

>> Again, I think the points raised are pretty good and thoughtful so far, but
>> I don't support the idea of postponing basic measurements and statistics
>        Who does? I hope you didn't read that idea from my posting - its not
>        at all the same as specifying a "quality algorithm"...

-- By the time I had written my reply, I didn't think you were proposing to
wait, but it's good to hear it straight from you...

>        Why poll? There's a page that has links to all the Vlib sections,
>        namely Overview.html; a walker can start there and recursively measure
>        till it recognises pages that are not Vlib - e.g. no Vlib icon (?).

-- I just don't personally have the technology to do this today, though I
hope to be able to do the equivalent sometime soon...  EINet Galazy
includes some statistics on the pages it finds, but most other indexes
don't seem to...  is someone doing this already for the V Lib?  Look
forward to more -- Brad Schrick

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