Re: News...

Brad Schrick wrote:
> The points about measurement are important, but if we have to agree first
> we'll never do anything.  There are logistical problems in measuring

	Point taken; if I'm charitable to my self about that pregnant statement
	about agreeing about what quality is - well, I wanted to be provocative.
	I certainly hoped that y'all cared enough to debate it at least a little
	while Arthur ground out some code; he may even take some input.
> Again, I think the points raised are pretty good and thoughtful so far, but
> I don't support the idea of postponing basic measurements and statistics

	Who does? I hope you didn't read that idea from my posting - its not
	at all the same as specifying a "quality algorithm"...

> for the V Lib pages.  It will take a long time to get the basics as it is,
> and in the meantime we can continue our discussions, and congratulate
> anyone who can actually poll all of the pages on the V Lib, find all of the
> local sub-pages, figure out which ones are related, and get the first
> counts of words, files, links, graphics, speed, and file sizes.
	Why poll? There's a page that has links to all the Vlib sections,
	namely Overview.html; a walker can start there and recursively measure
	till it recognises pages that are not Vlib - e.g. no Vlib icon (?).
	The WWW Virtual Library section on WWW Development ranges from how to
	develop WWW pages, to setting up servers, to the evolution of the WWW.
	http://guinan.gsfc.nasa.gov/Alan/Richmond.html   WWW Systems Engineer