Re: News...

Shortly after becoming the administrator of the Geography section this 
summer, I wrote a couple Perl script and an associated form to accept 
submissions from people.  The form can be seen at <a 
form</a>.  The information from the form is fed into a Perl script which 
adds the information to a db.  Another Perl script, executable via a URL, 
reads the db and generates on-the-fly an HTML form allowing me to look at 
the link, finger the person who suggested it and Accept, Reject or Ignore 
(take no action at this time) each item.  Items which are accepted are 
put, in HTML form, into a little file which I then paste manually into my 
WWW VL page.  I'm hoping to automate this last step.

If people are interested, I will tidy the Perl script up a bit and make 
it available to anyone who wants to use it.

Gordon Dewis
WWW VL Geography administrator
  Gordon Dewis   |   "If you ever have a world, plan ahead.  Don't eat it!"
     VE3XGD      |                                  - STTNG

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