Re: icons of the WWW VL


Our pages (comp-graphics, comp-distributed and comp-simulation)
are now all up to date with 98x98 sized gif images relevant
to each subject.  Please remove our pages from the list of
subject areas requiring logos.  If you have any need of the logos
seperately (for example, you seemed interested in 45x45 sized
gifs--btw: I am approximating their sizes here, the actual
size is as spec'd in the icons document); they may be retrieved
easily from the following URL:


BTW:  The "!" New images on the top page are useful, but I am
not so sure about the "*" quantity of information indicators.
Certainly the images are helping to "spruce up" the VLib;
good work!

Also, perhaps an icon along the lines of the ones created for
Graphics could be used for Computing in General?  Thoughts?
The gifs are not currently transparent, but with the MS-Windows
version of Mosaic, I can't tell the difference (I am assuming
the Vlib logo is transparent).

	(Joshua S. Lateiner, Webmaster@dataspace.com)