Re: A summary of the top page ?


:> It sounds good, but wouldn't it be better to formalize 
:> certain aspects of the structure of the WWW VL pages so 
:> that the information could be derived directly from them 
:> without creating another html document?  


:> E.g.:
:> 1. put the description of the WWW VL document either 
:> at some standard location in the document or a link to it 
:> from a standard spot in the document, perhaps with a 
:> specially labelled tag;

I suggest we put in our documents, just after the introduction,
<!-- desc -->
Here I describe what this field stands for
<!-- end_desc -->

:> 2. standardize the format for listing of sub-fields (I 
:> have already streamlined their listing on the WWW VL 
:> Engineering page);  

Just after this description, I suggest we introduce the new field
"What's new"
Then, we start the information by
<!-- new -->
and end it with <!-- end_new -->

Then, we have the field
"Virtual Library Specialized fields"
Here, we reference all the specialized fields that are conformant
with the virtual library standards, as defined in
We start the list by
<!-- fields -->
and end it with <!-- end_fields -->

then, the field
"Other specialized connections"
Here, we reference all other specialized fields

Then, we start our document.

:> 3. standardize the link from a WWW VL page to the page of 
:> maintainers of the sub-fields of that page, and standardize 
:> the formats of the sub-field maintainers' personal pages 
:> that are pointed to (at least to the extent that it is easy 
:> to pull their email addresses out) -- could just have a 
:> specially labelled tag that everyone puts on their email 
:> address, e.g.  

All right, let us refer to the page of maintainers of the sub-fields
in the section "Virtual Library Specialized fields":
at the end of it, we could have an anchor like 
"(to <A HREF="...">mail the maintainers</A>)"

Email addresses of the sub-maintainers should be enclosed with
<!-- email --> and <!-- end_email --> in their personnal page

:> Always trying to be as lazy as possible!  ;-)
True, so let's just give an example: Have a look at

If you all agree, I'll modify .../Administration.html accordingly


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