Re: A summary of the top page ?


You wrote:

> I've written the short list (without sub-fields for now) at
> http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/DataSources/bySubject/Overview2.html

It looks very good!  I think this will be a very useful step 
in the evolution of the WWW VL.  

> ... I would propose that you write an html document
> that would look like this:
> [...]
> <!-- begin description -->
> Here you put the description about your document that should appear
> on the "long" list
> <!-- begin sub-fields -->
> Here you would give the list of WWW VL sub-fields of the field you
> maintain
> <!-- begin maintainers -->
> Here you would give the list of emails of the maintainers
> of the sub-fields 
> <!-- end -->
> [...]
> I can easily adapt the script I wrote for the list of WWW servers world-wide
> to generate each morning or each week the three documents according
> to your data. Then we would have constantly up-to-date WWW VL
> home documents.
> What do you think about all this ?

It sounds good, but wouldn't it be better to formalize 
certain aspects of the structure of the WWW VL pages so 
that the information could be derived directly from them 
without creating another html document?  


1. put the description of the WWW VL document either 
at some standard location in the document or a link to it 
from a standard spot in the document, perhaps with a 
specially labelled tag;

2. standardize the format for listing of sub-fields (I 
have already streamlined their listing on the WWW VL 
Engineering page);  

3. standardize the link from a WWW VL page to the page of 
maintainers of the sub-fields of that page, and standardize 
the formats of the sub-field maintainers' personal pages 
that are pointed to (at least to the extent that it is easy 
to pull their email addresses out) -- could just have a 
specially labelled tag that everyone puts on their email 
address, e.g.  

Always trying to be as lazy as possible!  ;-)


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