Re: A New WWWVL: CE, the WWWVL icon, etc.

Charles Petrie writes, 

> While not wanting to push too hard on detailed formats, there are some
> details in the original pages that we should probably follow. Most
> notably, there was a LI/dl/dt standard format for listing the web
> services, all of which seem to be of the type "web servers" so far.

Well, 95% or so, anyway.  The Engineering page has 17 Web servers, 
1 Mail server, and 1 Telnet server.  The EE page has 12 Web servers, 
2 FTP servers, and 1 Gopher server.  

> We may want to change this but we should agree on it.  I also
> inherited the headings and we should discuss that. Please see my
> mechanical engineering page for an example.
> I also suggest a "Broader Topics" heading, or something like this,
> that refers one to the VL for engineering and VL, in addition
> to the icon.

I agree with that concept.  

> Finally, I suggest a link to your home page from your name in
> the address.

Yes.  (I can agree because I have _finally_ done that!  Picture soon, 
I hope.)  


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