Re: A New WWWVL: CE, the WWWVL icon, etc.

While not wanting to push too hard on detailed formats, there are some
details in the original pages that we should probably follow. Most
notably, there was a LI/dl/dt standard format for listing the web
services, all of which seem to be of the type "web servers" so far.
We may want to change this but we should agree on it.  I also
inherited the headings and we should discuss that. Please see my
mechanical engineering page for an example.

I also suggest a "Broader Topics" heading, or something like this,
that refers one to the VL for engineering and VL, in addition
to the icon.

Finally, I suggest a link to your home page from your name in
the address.


Stanford Center for Design Research
WWW URL http://cdr.stanford.edu/