Re: A New WWWVL: CE, the WWWVL icon, etc.

Hi Arthur, 

Hmm ... there seems to be some delay in the www-vlib exploder -- 
I got your original message on 3/3 but the one from www-vlib came 
on 3/6!

You wrote:

> Please add the tag ALT in my previous line,
> For example,
> <IMG ALT="Virtual Library"
> SRC="http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Icons/WWW/Virtual_Library.gif">
> This will allow browsers without graphical capabilities
> to still display something instead of the image

I have done that -- take a look and see if it is okay.  I found that 
my trouble in getting to your server has to do with Solaris 2.3 -- I 
have no trouble when I run Mosaic from a machine with SunOS 4.1.3!  
(I will probably put SunOS 4.1.3 on my machine next week!)  So I am 
now having my WWWVL pages pull the WWWVL icon directly from 
info.cern.ch, and it seems to work fine.  

> I have summarized what my boss,
> Tim Berners-Lee, would ideally see as a general format for our
> WWWVL pages. Its URL is
> http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/DataSources/bySubject/Administration.html
> but there are no links to it yet, as I am prepared to modify it
> according to your suggestions
> I think it may help people to have a full list of the maintainers
> to be able to send the updates more easily.
> The current list, not yet released, is at 
> http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/DataSources/bySubject/Maintainers.html
> Any comments ?
> 	Requirements
> 	The title 
> 		the title must be: The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: 
> 		followed by the subject you maintain 
> 	The icons 
> 		There must be an icon at the top of the document that 
> 		is a link to the top of the WWW Virtual Library, like 
> 		<A HREF="http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/DataSources/bySubject/Overview.html">
> 		<IMG ALT="Virtual Library" SRC="http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Icons/WWW/Virtual_Library.gif">
> 		</A>
> 		This icon should be followed by an icon of the same 
> 		size about the subject maintained, that will refer to 
> 		the specific subject's home page. These two icons 
> 		should be present on every sub-documents still part 
> 		of the WWW Virtual Library 
> 	Headers 
> 		The name of the subject you maintain. For example, 
> 		H1>Engineering<H1>
> 	The address 
> 		Every document part of the WWW Virtual Library must 
> 		be signed, so that people wishing to add 
> 		documentation can mail to you easily 
> 	References to documents related to your subject 
> 		The only requirement is to be fair 

Both the WWWVL Administration page and the Maintainers page look great to me 
... they have my vote to go forward as-is.  

Suggestion:  wouldn't it be nice to include those email addresses by linking 
to them?  I guess even HTML+ will not provide a "text inclusion" capability 
like the in-line image capability.  Perhaps there should be links to the 
maintainers' home pages, anyway.  Comments on that idea?  

General question for anyone on www-vlib:

Is anyone good at designing icons ... and also at making them?  If 
so, would they be interested in coming up with icons for the 
WWWVL home pages for Engineering and Electrical Engineering?  
Please let me know!  



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