A New WWWVL: CE, the WWWVL icon, etc.


Please add Dale Kirmse (kirmse@che.ufl.edu) to the list -- he is the 
new administrator for the WWWVL: Chemical Engineering.  

[You wrote:]

> We finally manage to create an icon for the WWW Virtual Library,
> to make it as nice as possible:
> <IMG SRC="http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Icons/WWW/Virtual_Library.gif">
> I think it would be nice to add it to the top of our documents,
> and to make it an anchor pointing to the top of the Virtual Library.

I did manage to connect to the CERN server last weekend and download 
the icon.  I have added it to the top of the WWWVL: Engineering page.  

> Would it be possible then to mirror the icon every night or week, so
> that if it ever changes, your server will have automatically the newest 
> version ?

Yes, I will do that.  Do you know of a prescribed way of automating 
that mirroring?  Just refer me to an applicable www-talk message, if 
there is one.  I have saved them all, but read only perhaps 30-40% !

I first included the image in a link to the top of the WWWVL, as you 
suggested, but the image didn't look nearly as nice with the border 
that it gets when you make it a link (IMHO).  So I compromised by 
keeping it in the top line but not including it in the link.  
Please have a look and tell me what you think.  Perhaps this is 
a good first issue for www-vlib discussion (somewhat trivial, but the 
trivial things always get the most attention initially!).  

I am also thinking we may want to agree on a general format for our 
WWWVL pages.  I guess I would favor uniformity and absence of images 
(aside from your nice icon!) in the interest of familiarity to users 
and good performance.  Creative freedom can be expressed on our 
organization home pages, etc.!  

> On info.cern.ch, we are indeed running anonymous ftp, anonymous telnet,
> a gopher server dedicated to the presentation of WWW, and a WWW server :-)
> But info.cern.ch is running Solaris 2.3 which causes us a lot 
> of troubles and increases our response time

I am also running Solaris 2.3, on a SPARCstation Lx.  Incidentally, do 
you have any problem with response time in getting my pages?  Just 


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