Statistics and Top Ten are implemented!

Every day from now on, the files


will be regenerated.

I will start putting pointers to these files next week, so that we
have time to install scripts to gather stats automatically.

Please tell me if your stats file is not read.

I wish to make a slight correction to the perl script I gave you
line 52
	|| ((($url[$j] =~ m|/([^/]*)$|) && ($file[$j] = "stat.$1")) 
should be
	|| ((($url[$j] =~ m|/([^/]+)$|) && ($file[$j] = "stat.$1")) 
(the * should be a +)

Any document listed in
will be checked for stats

Please let me know if you would like to add documents to this file.
It should ideally contain any document part of the virtual library,
or rather, what do you think it should contain ?

Congratulations to Rodney, the first maintainer to be part of the Top Ten 8-)
Let's taste 
John's <A HREF="">Beer</A>!



Received on Saturday, 10 December 1994 01:13:24 UTC