WWW VL Geography usage stats

For those interested, here are the stats for the week from Sunday, Nov 27 
to Saturday, Dec 3rd:

	Sunday, Nov 27		250
	Monday, Nov 28		477
	Tuesday, Nov 29		546
	Wednesday, Nov 30	582
	Thursday, Dec 1		545
	Friday, Dec 2		500
	Saturday, Dec 3		200

	Total for the above period	3100
	Average per day			 442.9
	Average per hour		  18.5
	Average per minute		   0.3

I removed my personal access from the stats.

I had some problems generating the stats because I am migrating the
Geography section to a new server and so I have two sets of logs -- one
for the old URL and one for the new URL.  I integrated these and wrote a
couple of Perl scripts to massage them some more.  And the old site serves
its requests by passing the request to the new site. 

The URL for the WWW VL Geography section is:


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Received on Thursday, 8 December 1994 18:02:48 UTC