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Subject: Re: Usage Stats (correction)

Forgot to calculate only for December on a couple!  (**)

For the Biosciences segments maintained on golgi.harvard.edu

	Biosciences Entry Page	1100/day **
	Medicine		1000/day
	Biosciences Index	 300/day (searches or top page accesses)
	Biological Journals	 200/day **
	Biological Molecules	 150/day **
	Biosciences Master List	 150/day
	Genetics		 100/day
	Biochemistry		 100/day
	Biodiversity & Ecology	  90/day
	Evolution		  80/day
	Microbiology		  50/day
	Neurobiology		  40/day
	Developmental Biology	  20/day

(data for first 6 days of December)

Keith Robison
Harvard University

Received on Tuesday, 6 December 1994 21:27:26 UTC