Re: Usage Stats

I will pipe in on this topic since I also watch it fairly closely...

WWW VL Architecture gets ~600 hits/day on the main page and
WWW VL Land. Arch gets ~200 hits/day on the main page

Of those ~800/day, approx 200/day use the database search mechanism,
approx 70/day look at the JOBS page and approx 70/day the WHATS-NEW page

There are ~7,000 unique machine addresses/month which would indicate
an average of 3.5 accesses/month (very roughly, there is other
material for access as well), indicating MAYBE people checking once
per week or so.

Has anyone done any surveys of their users to get a REAL sense of
the usage patterns? I've been tempted but have not found the time to
work one out that I was satisfied with.

I really wish I could get a handle on WHICH links from the library
they access to keep some stats that way!

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