My Email has been cracked/hacked.

To whom it may concern,
I know that something serious has happened to my email accounts with gmail. The header below was run through your validation service and it came back with troubling results. I believe it may have been cracked by an application I downloaded on the Google Play Store. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 on the Australian Cellular Network Optus. The email that this relates to is: 
I have extremley sensitive data on these accounts including a few Bank Accounts correspondence, shopping and payment services, Credit Card Institutions and all my Google Drive Douments which include a copy of my passport, Driver's License, Government Tax information etc. 
If you could kindly take a look and see if this is a serious issue and the data is compromised or something else has happened. I purchaser Kaspersky just the other day and already have Samsung Knox running which is supposed to keep out all viruses. 
I realize I am passing my highly sensitive data to you and I trust that it won't be used in any harmful ways. If you know anyone that I should email this information also or if this isnt your field could you please refer me on to someone? I greatly appreciate it.
You can email me back at and CC it to 
It you need to contact me my U.S number is (213) 290-5061 or directly on my Australian Cell +61 (431) 715-344.
I greatly appreciate all your help as well as your fantastic web service I think it's the best out there and am so grateful it exists.
Thank you and Regards,
Rohan Barfoot 
The header I put Into your validation service is: A direct link to the page:

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Received on Sunday, 6 May 2018 10:35:34 UTC