Re: Fwd: Issue html checker for password protected pages

Hi Hugo,

Hugo Van Aelst <>, 2018-07-19 23:07 +0200:
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> Hello,
> Password protected pages can't been validated by the *NU HTML CHECKER*.

Yeah, that’s by design. Because in order for the checker to be able to
access the password-protected page, you need to expose your password to the
checker backend. Which means that I or anyone else who has admin access to
the backend can see your password and use it without your knowledge to gain
access to the page — or I could even pass it on to a bunch of other people
so that they could all gain access to the page.

> The old *W3C HTML Validator* was always working correctly.

It’s not working correctly. The fact that it allows checking of password-
protected pages is security bug, not a feature

Michael[tm] Smith

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