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Hi Jens,

Jens Oliver Meiert <>, 2018-07-12 20:48 +0200:
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> Hi validator team—
> if I’m not overlooking something then for a few weeks by now, the SOAP
> interface formerly available at
> is gone. Do you know more, is this by accident, intended,—and could
> you bring it back?

It’s intentional if you give the legacy markup validator a document that
has a non-obsolete doctype — because in that case the document is just
handed off to the current HTML checker at And
the backend of very intentionally doesn’t
support that legacy SOAP API/format of the old validator.

Instead, the HTML Checker has its own HTTP interface/API, as documented at, and
as documented at,
it has its own XML output format — and even better it has a JSON output format,
documented at

If you still want to use the legacy markup validator’s obsolete and no-
longer-maintained SOAP interface, you can by manually forcing it to check
against an obsolete HTML version; e.g.:

But if you want to check documents against the current HTML spec requirements,
then you need to use the current HTML checker at
and the actively-maintained API that it provides.


Michael[tm] Smith

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