On 04/12/2018 17:51, wrote:
> Sir,
>       Taking a HTML course at Owens Community College, I am working on 
> my final project.
>       Using the your validator I am getting warnings for some of the 
> Greek letters I am using in my HTML file, such as ω σ γ 
> and &lamba;.  The warning says, "Text run is not in Unicode 
> Normalization Form C.  The Web page looks good when run though.
>       I imagine I have to declare this as some kind of font or charset.  
> Hope you can help me.
> Leo Rose

No need to declare anything.  And you probably don't need to do anything 
at all.

For more about NFC, see and 
note that most of the warnings in that article related to use of class 
names, ids, and such, rather than normal content.

You're mostly likely to be prompting the warnings by use of combining 
characters (accents), rather than the characters you mention above.


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