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GeoDLL from KilletSoft - Geodetic Software Developer Kit

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Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2016 08:49:17 +0100
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Presentation of the Geodetic Software Developer Kit GeoDLL from
KilletSoft Consulting Engineers and invitation to download a free
trial. The DLL is suitable for embedding precise and fast Coordinate
Transformations and geodetic functions in own WINDOWS programs.


Dear Sir or Madam,
this information is sent only to our business partners and to
interested parties of the domains Geodesy and Cartography, who have
published their email address on the internet expressly for the
purpose of establish contact.

We will send only once an electronic mail with this information to
you. If you continue to be interested in information about the latest
developments of our geodetic software and in our geodetic papers,
please add your email address to our permanent mailing list on the
website http://www.killetsoft.de/s_mlis_e.htm.

Basic information and the profile of our society you can find on our
website http://www.killetsoft.de/homee.htm. Our postal address and
email address you find at the end of this text.


GeoDLL - Geodetic Software Developer Kit
GeoDLL supports the development of geodetic software on several
platforms by providing geodetic functions. GeoDLL contains precise
calculations of the categories Coordinate Transformation, Distance
Calculation, Digital Elevation Model, NTv2 handling and BeTA2007
support, Direct / Inverse solutions, Map functions, Time Zone
calculations and geodetic converting functions.

GeoDLL performs Coordinate Transformations fast and with high
accuracy. For this purpose the DLL supports thousands of world-wide
Coordinate Systems, geodetic Reference Systems, Reference System
Transitions (geodetic datum shifts) and Meridian Strip Transitions,
user-defined systems, 2D/3D transformations, INSPIRE, NTv2, HARN,
BeTA2007, EPSG, GPS, Continental Drift and more.

The operating system WINDOWS provides software developers the
opportunity to use prepared functions of third-parties in their own
software applications. Thus, geodetic functions of GeoDLL can be
linked to programs written in C, C++, C#, Java, Delphi, MS-Office,
Visual Basic, CA-Visual Objects or which are written in other
programming languages. To support the GeoDLL, examples and interfaces
with source code for many commonly used programming languages are

GeoDLL comes with extensive documentation and is supplied as DLL file
or as C++ source code for 32bit and 64bit architectures. The DLL is
written in C++ and was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio. Thus
very fast performance, compact code and high stability are assured.
The geodesic functions of GeoDLL are arranged in function groups that
can be licensed separately.

GeoDLL is very versatile and holds a large variety of possibilities
to solve your geodetic tasks. Detailed information is available on
the website http://www.killetsoft.de/p_gdla_e.htm. It would be best
if you download the free trial version of GeoDLL from that website
and try the possibilities of the DLL by linking its geodetic
functions in your own application.

Here the features of GeoDLL are listed in short form:

Coordinate Transformation
- The current and historical Systems of all countries of the European
  Union (EU)
- The Coordinate Reference Systems of the European non-EU countries
- The European ETRS89 systems forced by INSPIRE
- The US and Canadian NTv2, HARN and SPCS Coordinate Reference Systems
- The Coordinate Reference Systems of most countries of all continents
- The Coordinate Reference Systems of Austria and Switzerland incl.
- The Coordinate Reference Systems of the old and new German Federal
- The German 'Lagestatus' Coordinate Reference Systems
- The special Reference Systems of the German Federal States
- The German NTv2 Reference System BeTA2007
- The 40 Soldner Coordinate Systems of the Prussian Land Registers
- The Geographic coordinates in different notations and Cartesian
- World-wide NTv2 grid file supported Coordinate Transformations
- World-wide used numeric and alphanumeric Coordinate Systems
- ITRS annual realizations or WGS84 epochs for GPS measurements
- WGS84 Coordinate Transformations in consideration of the
  continental drift
- User defined Coordinate Systems, Reference Systems and earth

Scope of services of the function groups
The services of GeoDLL are grouped in function groups, which can
be separately licensed and purchased.
--- Function group "Coordinate Transformations"
  Coordinate Transformation
  Reference System Transition
  Meridian Strip Transition
  2D and 3D Coordinate Transformation
  Numeric and alphanumeric coordinates
  Geographic and Cartesian coordinates
  Many projections (also rarely used ones)
  Thousands of predefined systems (see below "Coordinate
--- Additional function group "NTv2 Grid Data"
  Predefined NTv2 Reference Systems
  Embedding of any NTv2 grid files
  Support of Polygonal Validity Scopes in NTv2 files
  ASCII grid files (.gsa) and binary grid files (.gsb)
  Conversion of ASCII grid files to binary grid files
  Determining the parameters of a NTv2 grid file
  Determining of NTv2 file names matching a reference system
  Download of many NTv2 files from the KilletSoft website
  Links to NTv2 providers on the KilletSoft website
  HARN grid files of the U.S. supported as equivalent NTv2 grid files
  Free use of some NTv2 files, which otherwise are available for a fee
  Access to NTv2 files, which are specially licensed for KilletSoft
--- Function group "User definitions"
  Custom coordinate systems for many projections
    16 possible projection types
    Orthogonal Output Device Projection (Pixel calculation)
  Custom reference systems
    Coordinate Frame Rotation (Seven parameters, Helmert)
    Position Vector Transformation (Seven parameters, Bursa-Wolf)
    European Standard (Seven parameters, ISO 19111)
    Molodenski (Three parameters)
  Custom earth ellipsoids
    Semi major and minor axes
--- Function group "Parameter determination"
  Determination of GeoDLL codes equivalent to EPSG codes
  Parameter, notation and range validity of Coordinate Systems
  Parameters of Reference Systems and Reference System Transitions
  Semi-axes and flattening of earth ellipsoids
  Formatted text representation of a Coordinate Reference System
--- Function group "Distance calculations"
  Distance between coordinates on the ellipsoid
  Distance between coordinates on the sphere
  Distance between UTM coordinates
  Destination point from start point, bearing, distance on ellipsoid
  Destination  point from start point, bearing, distance on sphere
  UTM destination point from UTM start point, bearing and distance
  Vincenty's Direct and Inverse Position Computation
    Distance, forward bearing, backward bearing
--- Function group "Notation calculations"
  Conversions of Geographic Coordinates
    Decimal notation (degree)
    Gradual notation (DMS)
    Nautical notation (DM)
    Second notation
    Gonal notation
  Exact rounding of Geographic Coordinates
--- Function group "Map calculations"
  Parameters of the Topographic Maps 1:25000 to 1:200000
    Determination of TK25 numbers from ordinates
    Determination of map corner coordinates of a TK
    Determine TK50, TK100 und TKU200 numbers from a TK25 number
--- Function group "Elevation calculations"
  Calculation of elevations from the 3 sec. elevation model CGIAR
  Calculation of elevations from the 30 sec. elevation model GLOBE
  Conversion of CGIAR ASCII files to binary files
  "Ready for Use" Digital Elevation Model data delivery service
  Detailed Information about the Digital Elevation Models in the
    help file
  Links to CGIAR and GLOBE providers on the KilletSoft website
--- Function group "Transformation parameter"
  Calculation of seven Helmert parameters from identical points
  Calculation of three Molodenski parameters from identical points
  Calculation of outliers in a group of identical points
  Calculation of the residuals from identical points
  Calculation of the "Maximum Spatial Residual"
  Calculation of the "Average Spatial Residual"
  Calculation of the "Root Mean Square Residual" (RMS)
--- Function group "Time Zone Calculations"
  List of Time Zones with designation, UTC and time zone index
  Exact Time Zone calculation from coordinates using a shape file
  Fast Time Zone calculation from coordinates using a 0,1 degree
    grid file
  Optional inclusion or 3, 12, 24 and 200 mile territorial limits
  Determination of a time zone index from a coordinate
  Determination of Time Zone designation from time zone index
  Calculation of UTC, DST und Daylight Saving start and end dates
--- Group of other (free) functions
  Input of the unlock parameter
  Information about GeoDLL, provider, author and licensee
  Latest error code and error description
  Language selection (English, German) for all text returns
  Switch for use or non-use
    of Coordinate System range validity check
    of internal error handling
    of multithreading environment
    of the output of messages to the EventLog
    of fast Static Variables
    of the automatic memory management
    of the event handling in time-intensive functions

Source and target Coordinate Reference Systems
World-wide and country-specific Coordinate Reference Systems
Current and historical Coordinate Reference Systems
Numeric and alphanumeric Coordinate Systems
UTMRef, GEOREF, QTH, BNG und ING with different grid mesh sizes
INSPIRE systems, ITRS annual realizations, WGS84 epochs, GPS
2D and 3D Coordinate Transformations
Use of EPSG codes of the Coordinate Reference Systems
Selection of the meridian strip with UTM and Gauss-Krueger coordinates
UTM and Gauss-Krueger coordinates with and without meridian strip
Use of measurement units
Monitoring of range limits
Option for the automatic assignment of a Reference System to the
  Coordinate System
Calculation of Helmert and Molodenski parameter sets from identical

Strict formulas of Schatz, Schuhr, Klotz and Hooijberg
Transformation parameters of the Surveying Authorities of the
  respective countries
Consideration of the EPSG specifications
Helmert Seven Parameter Bursa-Wolf and Molodenski Reference System
Exact NTv2 and HARN transformations for many countries
High-precision NTv2 transformations for the German Federal States

Special features
32bit and 64bit architecture
Network capability
Multithreading capability
Server capacity
CITRIX support
EventLog handling
Silent mode for server applications

Help System
Detailed electronic manual
Uniformly geodetic terms in all text outputs and in the electronic
Explanation of geodetic terms in the glossary
Online FAQ section for common questions
Detailed list with predefined Coordinate Reference Systems
Coordinate Systems and Reference Systems in the list have numerical
  GeoDLL keys
Hierarchical structure of the list by continent, country, Coordinate
  System, Reference System
Additional alphabetic list

Text outputs in English and German
User manual in English and German

Application Program Interfaces and Sample Programs
Sample of a C++ interface
Sample of a Visual Basic interface
Sample of a Delphi interface
Sample of a CA-Visual Objects interface
Sample of a C# interface (NET Framework)
Sample Visual Studio C/C++ Project
  download: http:www.killetsoft.de/zip/GeoTestCpp.zip
Sample program in C++
Sample program in CA-Visual Objects
Sample of a function call in C++ syntax
Sample of a function call in Visual Basic syntax

More possibilities
Possibility to download NTv2 files from the KilletSoft website
Configuration of user defined Coordinate Systems
Configuration of user defined Reference Systems and ellipsoids
Possibility of a service contract for phone and email support
Possibility to use the automated information service via email
Transfer of transformation parameter sets from the SEVENPAR program

Executable programs TRANSDAT and SEVENPAR
TRANSDAT is an executable program for world-wide Coordinate
Transformations. SEVENPAR calculates Seven Helmert Parameter or Three
Molodensky Parameter from a list of identical points. All in that
programs used geodetic calculations are done by the Dynamic Link
Library GeoDLL.


Best regards,
your KilletSoft Development Team

C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR
Postbox 400225
47896 Kempen

Fon ++49 2152 961127
Fax ++49 2152 961128


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