Re: Potential bug in the W3C validator

William Wattermann wrote:

> Hello! I am a beginning Web Developer, and I wanted to ask if there is a
> good reason why, when I validate the same file via 1. direct input and
> 2. file upload, it comes up with a different answer? According to the
> direct input I have no mistakes (it is a textbook project, so I would
> hope that there aren't any!) 

Actually, it is not (a textbook project, that is); it is /based on/ a
textbook project, but where the textbook has :

> <img src="oceansidelogo.jpg"

you have :

> <img src="C:/Users/Wattermann/NECC/INFO1710DataFiles/Chapter04/ChapterFiles/oceansidelogo.jpg"

and therein lies your problem.

Philip Taylor

Received on Wednesday, 13 April 2016 21:36:36 UTC