Re: [VE][html5] <strike> warning should recommend using <s> instead

2014-03-28 20:34, Philip Taylor wrote:

> Does <DEL> in HTML 5 CF still retain its anomalous HTML 4.01 Strict
> behaviour (along with <INS>) of permitting the indirect nesting
> of an <X> within a <Y> with intervening <DEL>|<INS> where the
> syntax does not permit an <X> to be directly nested within a <Y>,

I suppose you mean something like

<p>hello <del><p>foo</p></del> world</p>

The validator does not accept this in HTML5 mode. It says

“End tag p implied, but there were open elements.”

when it encounters the second <p> tag. This is consistent with the HTML5 
syntax rules. The content model of <del> is transparent, which basically 
means that the content allowed is the same as would be allowed if the 
<del> and </del> tags were not there.


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