Support for <meta name="pingdom"> in HTML5 validator

Hi, my name is Philip, and I work at Inspire.

Our company is transitioning to HTML5 (and trying to make sure everything
is compatible with W3C validator), and one of the issues we found was our
integration with the Pingdom heartbeat service. This uses a meta tag with
name="pingdom", which is unsupported by the validator at this time.

We have since been able to add this item to the Wiki
although we're still working on getting a proper specification from Pingdom
published. There's no immediate rush on this, but if you could let us know
if/when the validator database has been synced from the wiki (such that it
supports "pingdom" meta tags), that would be very appreciated.

Thank you for your time, and your excellent validation service,

Philip Horger

Received on Friday, 21 March 2014 15:50:45 UTC