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2014-03-16 19:48, Ciro Cefalo wrote:

> i’ve validated the homepage of my website and i’ve adjusted all the
> errors. The only one that i can’t adjust is <link rel=”publisher” .
> This is a new rel attribute to connect my page to my Google+ Local Business.
> I won’t delete this link and I hope that you can do something about this.
> Thank you very much for reading this message.
> Ciro
> To contact me back you can send me an email to the following address:
> <>

The value “publisher” is explicitly listed as disallowed at
It’s in a document that is normatively cited in W3C HTML5 CR as well as 
WHATWG Living HTML, so there’s little a validator could validly do but 
report the value as an error.

The logic of the rel attribute has always been a mess, and HTML5 isn’t 
making it any better. The practical advice I would give is this: use rel 
attribute values that you know to be useful, in the sense that some 
software is known to use them in a manner that suits your needs. Ignore 
the rest. (Most rel attributes are write-only markup: people spend time 
and effort in getting them “right”, but programs just ignore them.)

In this case, you seem to have a good reason, judging from the Google 
page “Link to your website”,

Regarding the validator message, just ignore it. If you would like to 
have rel="publisher" registered as allowed (which would really be a job 
for Google to do if they wish to publicly promote such a value), then 
you need to take it to discussions about HTML development at W3C and/or 


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