html5 table border=1 warning

I have followed the recent previous discussions on this topic, but have 
started another thread.

I am happy that we now have a validation warning for border=1 / border=0 
rather than an error.

The html5 spec has:

The border attribute may be specified on a table element to explicitly 
indicate that the table element is not being used for layout purposes. 
If specified, the attribute's value must either be the empty string or 
the value "1". The attribute is used by certain user agents as an 
indication that borders should be drawn around cells of the table.

This is not very clear, most coders/writers are using:
  border=1 to indicate 'true'
   and user agent should display a default border
  border=0 to indicate 'false'
   and user agent should not display a default border.

In other words, border=1 or border=0 is logical mark-up, not 
presentational mark-up.

The spec also suggests that somehow 'border' could be used to interpret 
that the table does / does not contain tabular data. This is a bit of a 
stretch, given current coding practices, and given all the legacy 
mark-up that is around.

Suggested solution:
- for the validator - keep the warning, if border=0 or border=1, 
otherwise an error. Warning message should suggest CSS be used for 


Ken McInnes
Adjunct Teaching Fellow
Swinburne University of Technology

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