Re: Problem with validation

2014-06-24 15:19, Pieter Bessemer wrote:

> We are trying to get the 'perfect' website up and running and someone
> suggested that we first made sute that we got W3C compliant. Now we are
> checking the scan tool :

What? That link points to a previous post on this list. Are you saying 
that you have the same problem? So didn’t the answer solve it?

> Now we are getting some errors and some of them warnings. Maybe I am
> overlooking something but how do we see the differrents between the
> types in the overview? Thanks voor any reply!

We really need to see the URL of the site and a reference to the 
messages you did not understand.

> Webdeveloper @

Do you mean *that* page (or site)? The error messages look rather 
self-explanatory (e.g., the first one is simply about a homeless </p> 
tag). What kind of a further explanation would you need. The warnings 
are more obscure, but they say a relatively simple thing: normally, a 
page should contain only one h1 element, and its content should not be 


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