Re: [VE][html5] and sign error on validation

Le 23/06/2014 17:10, Jens O. Meiert a écrit :
>> The W3C suggests that people can use “Valid HTML!” icons “to show your
>> readers that you have taken the care to create an interoperable Web page”.
>> This is nonsensical. Validity does not imply interoperability, and even if
>> it did, there would be no point in showing that to visitors. The icons are
>> worse than useless, as explained at
> Which is of course not to say that validation is useless [1]. (I can’t
> help it ;)
Errors found while checking this document as HTML5!Result:     138 
Errors, 5 warning(s)

This is really what you wanted to show us? ;-)

(Of course, we all know that Google, a driving force behind Atom, by 
removing RSS from Blogspot and having solely Atom 0.3, was one of the 
latest to adopt Atom 1.0, and a driving force behind HTMLwithoutspace5 
aka HTML Living Standard (or is it something else nowadays), is not 
really an exemple to follow when it comes to implementing standards 
(*kof* IMAP *kof*))

Damien B

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