Re: HTML5 validator bug handling querystrings

2013-05-27 17:39, Aloha Massage Kauai wrote:

> The HTML5 validator is bugging out on all of my Google Maps links,
> complaining about the embedded ampersands. The URL throwing all of the
> errors is

This a known bug:

As it seems to take some time to have the bug fixed, here's how to libe 
with it: Use and then, after getting the 
validation report, click on "Message filtering" and uncheck the checkbox 
for this error message. Then you can see whether there are real error 

Caveat: Doing so, you may mask out real errors too - like &foo; which 
also causes this message and which is actually wrong.


Received on Tuesday, 28 May 2013 05:48:56 UTC