Re: html5 rel="up" is not validating

2013-08-20 19:06, jesse greer wrote:

> Error message: Bad value up tag for attribute rel on element a: The
> string up is not a registered keyword or absolute URL.

That's correct. As per current HTML5 drafts, "up" is not an allowed 
value, but it is listed in the "dropped without prejudice" section of in 
the excuse for a wannabe fake "standard", the "existing rel values" "wiki":

> See:

You're referring to a page that is over 2 years old and itself declares 
(albeit not in these terms) its status as work-in-progress only. Note 
that it contains links under "Latest Published Version" and "Latest 
Editor's Draft".

What the validator is really doing (though this has never been 
officially stated, as far as I know) is to try to check against the 
Latest Editor's Draft, now called "HTML 5.1 Nightly", except when the 
authors of the validator disagree with it.


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