Re: Ampersand Errors

Hello Petra,

The ampersand is a special character in HTML, just like ‘<’ and ‘>’. So when you need to have a plain ampersand in your page you need to write “&amp;”.

For example, in your site homepage, on line 197, you put:
> <a href="">

You probably meant:
> <a href=";keyWords=Petra+Ceason&amp;x=11&amp;y=8&amp;;q=">

Note that since the character entities “&keyWords;”, “&x;”, “&y;”, “&sitesearch;” and “&q;” don’t exist, most browser and search engines will assume that you meant to use a plain ampersand instead of including entities, and thus, the link will usually work. But it won’t validate.


Le 26 mai 2012 เ 17:48, Mervyn Waine a ้crit :
> Etienne,
> Thank you for your prompt reply, and assurance that simple use of hyphens is allowed.
> Naturally I want to eliminate the ampersand errors.
> Could you possibly explain your phrase, 'ampersands inside URLs that aren’t escaped as "&amp;".'
> Maybe give me an example of the error, and how to correct it.
> My Site-checker never mentioned ampersands, so I knew nothing about the errors.
> Thanks,
> Petra.

Etienne Miret

Received on Saturday, 26 May 2012 16:20:54 UTC