Re: Validation errors that I cant resolve

2012-05-22 23:46, Scott Murthwaite wrote:

> I am trying to validate a blog I am working on and I have narrowed it
> down to five errors, each of these errors I have tried to correct but
> still have had no luck.

The page has really 
just one reportable markup error, and it's the one reported first:

Error Line 106, Column 25: attributes construct error

         <div class="Date"id="Date">

The error message is rather abstract. If you use the 
validator, you get an error message that is more to the point:

Error: No space between attributes.

If you fix this single error, by adding a space between attribute 

         <div class="Date" id="Date">

then the other messages go away, too. Apparently the W3C validator goes 
wild because it parses the erroneous attribute specification list oddly 
and fails to notice the end of the tag, the ">" character (as it says).

> One thing I cant work out is the line references do not appear to tally
> up with the line references on the HTML code, please would you be able
> to review these errors and detail where I am going wrong.

Depending on the server-side technology used, the HTML code sent to 
browsers as well as the validator may significantly differ from the code 
created and edited by the author. The validator only validates what it gets.

If you click on "More Options" in the user interface of the validator, 
you get the option "Show Source", among other things. Then the line 
numbers in error messages will be links to lines in the copy of the source.


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