Re: Validation without external content?

2012-03-17 23:06, Dorin wrote:

> I would like to know if there is a way to have a website validated
> ignoring somehow external widgets/plugins or any other piece of code that
> we can't always control or fix.

What would you use it for? Markup validation is about detecting 
reportable errors in markup.

The only reason for wanting to exclude some part of the markup would be 
that it causes so many error messages that you have difficulties in 
distinguishing them from the errors that you can affect. Even then, it 
is better to validate it all, analyze the reason when you first do this, 
check whether you can fix the problems after all, and to the extent you 
cannot, just document the situation for yourself and your coworkers.

> For example, if a website is successfully checked/validated and then you
> decide to add an external widget, the code might not always validate.

If there is a reason for validating markup, then there is surely a 
reason to validate when you especially suspect that there can be errors.

> Is there any ignore tag available for this?



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