Validation of video and audio tags in XHTML 1.0


I am currently a student at Colorado Technical University and am taking a
web development course. We are required to write our code to XHTML 1.0
standards and use the new "video" and "audio" tags to include video and
audio in our project. We are also required to validate our pages to the
XHTML 1.0 standard. The problem is that the validation service provided by
your organization will not validate the tags. If these new tags are intended
for the new standard why will they not validate? I cannot supply a URI for
my project as we are not serving them from a host merely developing the
static pages to be viewed in a browser. Any feedback from you would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance with this.



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Received on Thursday, 15 March 2012 08:52:42 UTC