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Recently I've been trying to validate my site - -

You don't specify any URL. Reporting a suspected error in a validator
should always be accompanied with a URL of a document which demonstrates
the problem.

> According to the validator
> 1) the <TD> tag does not have the width tag (in some instances)

This sounds like you have validated against the HTML 4.0 Strict
specification in some cases and against HTML 4.0 Transitional
is some others. Some URLs would have made this clear.

> 2) Name is not a valid attribute for <img> (some of the time)

No published specification for HTML by IETF or W3C allows a NAME
attribute for the IMG element, so the parenthetic remark sounds
strange. Perhaps you validated against a customized DTD? Cf. to

> 3) noshade is not support by the <HR> tag
> 4) width is not supported by the <HR> tag

As in case 1).

> 5) p is not allowed to have a class assigned to it (some of the time)

This sounds like you have validated against HTML 2.0 or HTML 3.2.

The document type declaration at the beginning of an HTML document
is _crucial_ for validation. See
Almar de BoerIda Sieraden,

Received on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:00:41 UTC