Re: Errors installing the validator from source

Nicholas Bamber <>, 2012-06-28 22:42 +0100:

> Jaimie,
> 	For my sins I maintain the  w3c-markup-validator on Debian which feeds
> into Ubuntu. So on those systems you should just need to do
> "apt-get install w3c-markup-validator"  as root.
> Unfortunately the HTML5 bit has not been packaged. There is a bug report
> for that at .

I'd be very happy to work with you or anybody else who'd be interested in
packaging the HTML5 validator.

Something that would make it a whole lot easier: I recently made some
pre-built jars for it. Details here:

(See the part about "How to use the pre-built jars".)

You can get the jars themselves either by cloning that repo, or here:

There are two jars: One is an 18MB jar that includes the validator code
plus the code for all of its third-party dependencies. The other is an
optional jar that just provides a command-line client.

There's a license file in the repo, as well as a file listing credits for
all the third-party dependencies. All of it's free software, with fully
permissive licenses.

If anybody's serious about actually packaging it for Debian or other
distros, I can commit to setting up actual version-numbered releases and
doing whatever else I can upstream to make things as easy as possible for

Note that this is all in the context of making the HTML validator available
as a separate package on its own. It's a standalone service that has no
dependency on the existing W3C DTD/SGML-based perl validator. At W3C it's
the service at from the same backend at the service.


Michael[tm] Smith

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